Saturday, January 12, 2019

Meet the great grandma

smoggy and misty

Today yungyung loves home after almost a decade and I (finally) introduced G & B to her! It had indeed taken a while... saw her ash today but all I felt was peace in mind... as I have told G... she’s been living in my heart...

Sunday, July 09, 2017

childhood summer holidays

sunny and shiny (how sad i'm trapped at work)

eating crisps and drinking cream soda (in the office, now) reminds me of my childhood summer holidays treat... we sat on that old-fashioned straw mat with the fan on, shared a can of cream soda and a pack of shrimp crackers, and watched tv... it literally felt like a treat of the year... pity not a second person could understand what i'm talking about now... i miss you...

just dawn on me how different things are now... i only buy the largest possible cherries for pikabee... hmm...

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

note to self

what a nice day

it's been so long that i ain't "a physician in training" for ages...

living my myself in a foreign city is not new... living by myself away from pikabee is... it's been a while since i've had some personal time... shopping, i mean "real" shopping has been such a luxury... not to mention cooking, side trips, massage... and i didn't know i enjoy cafe hopping so much!

paid my first visit to new york and las vegas... travelling by myself is actually more comfy than i have imagined... finally had a chance to meet up with some good pals after (a little more than) a decade! biking in a park (on a dual bike) was wonderful... it amazes me how we had grown up together...  i still remember those conversations on our aspirations then... it's all about parenthood now...

what strikes me the most during this whole experience here is leadership, no doubt... i hope this little note will serve as a reminder for the future me... a real leader is different from a boss... the former trusts his team, is focused and foresighted... and one always has to reach out of one's comfort zone to succeed...while the latter is merely a pathetic and scattered control-freak... a loser...

now, i'm all ready to go back to motherhood... how nice if i can have something like this every other year...

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Susanna's secret turnip cake recipe

(inspired by the late yungyung)

Dried sausage 3-4
Dried mushrooms
Dried scallop 5 big ones
Dried shrimps 3/4 bowl
Turnip at least 5.5-6 catty
粘米粉600gm 1 pack (三象牌)

Serving: 2 aluminium foil plates

1. Blanch mushroom & dry
2. Soak dried shrimps (15mins) & scallops (till soft)
3. Dice everything
4. Shred turnip
5. Steam dried scallop (10 mins)
6. Add shrimp & scallop water into turnip (not mushroom water due to colour)
7. Shallow fry sausage, shrimps then mushroom
8. Heat oil. Cook turnip, add sugar (2 small teaspoons)
9. When turnip boils, add chicken stock (1 cube)
10. When stock melts, add salt to taste
11. Remove excessive fluid if any and save up
12. Off heat and move to cool surface, let the mixture cool a bit
13. Add a bit of ingredients, then pepper & mix well
14. Add flour (in 3 portions) & ingredients including scallops
15. Stir even
16. Grease foil plate
17. Fill container & decorate
18. Steam 45-60mins
19. Put into fridge when completely cool


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

passing the gift

oven hot

today is passing the gift... i was very happy with this big smile on my face all day... truly felt the joy of being a bride to be... i thank mum for all the tiny little things with lots of thoughts & blessing in it...

again it's yungyung who brought me back to my blog... i miss her loads today... when i was pouring tea to her shrine i wanted it so much that she could be physically here... that she could witness the moments the gifts in red came into my home... that she could experience the merry moments... that she could know the little girl she whole-heartedly raised is stepping into another stage of life... i was told she would know, this i can never tell...  i only know she is very deeply missed...

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


There're so many things which let me down this month... Exams, presentations, exams, loneliness, exams, dissertations and exams & wedding... Even a five-day escape to vancouver doesn't help...

I've been reminding myself that it is something once in a lifetime, it is utmost happiness, a process that I'll have much pleasure organising and leave myself the very best memory in future... Somehow I'm facing some stressors still... Hopefully I'll get thru the blues in a few weeks time when I meet my dearest mmc & get my annual exam done!


Thursday, February 03, 2011

CNY rituals


a tradition in my family... we celebrate the beginning of Chinese new year each year by worshipping... mum cooks a dish of vege (I must emphasise she's really good at it)... we worship gods & ancestors... we send each other blessings and collect our red packets... then we eat the vege dish with nice hot tea before going to bed (of course with parents' red packets under my pillow)...

the ritual didn't mean much to me... as i grow up, I began to enjoy the process with the whole family together under the jolly happy mood... it's a little different this year... it's the last time I share the moment with them... My parents wish me a happy marriage in their greetings... which makes me miss it a bit... well I've been looking forward to living with my favourite rabbit and starting our own family... I know i'll be seeing them often, but I do treasure the times at home when we talk nonsense (which is, in fact, the official household language)... I feel so complicated now...